Microlayer was created to help people be more successful in everything they do. We wanted to create an easy and safe way for people to be ready for whatever they face during the day or night.

We use only the best ingredients, everything we do is backed by science, and our products have the best safety and efficacy profiles in the market.

Our product lines focus on the holy trinity of wellness: sleep, performance, and relaxation.

Everyone deserves to feel good and be successful and we want to help you get there.


A world where wellness is accessible to everyone, and everyone always feels their best.


To create and deliver accessible wellness solutions that improve lives.

  • Unafraid

    All great things have overcome fear and doubt. We are not afraid of bucking convention or having the courage to do the things we think are right.

  • Eager

    We are restless if we’re not doing. We never leave things that can be accomplished today for tomorrow, especially when those things could positively impact lives.

  • Innovative

    Innovation is at the root of all science. We aim to bring people data driven solutions that are backed by science. We target cutting edge solutions that are more efficacious.

  • Craftsmanship

    We are uncompromising in our pursuit of quality design, ingredients and ultimate solutions.

  • Optimistic

    We’re optimistic about the future and are determined to create solutions that ensure that optimism.

  • Fun

    If it’s not fun, or won’t lead to fun, we don’t do it.

Where products meet values

  • 100% Natural

  • Data Driven

  • 100% Transparent

  • US and cGMP

  • Paraben and
    Sulfate Free

  • Vegan and
    Gluten Free

  • Fasting and
    Keto Friendly

  • Sustainably

  • Non-GMO


  • General

    Q: How long can I wear the patches?

    A: Our patches are designed and rated for twenty-four hours of use, however, we generally recommend each patch be worn only for 8-12 hours depending on the solution.

    Q: How many patches can I wear at a time?

    A: Our patches are designed to be worn one at a time. If you wish to use more than that based on body weight, please speak with your doctor. In general, we always recommend you speak with your doctor or a qualified professional before using our patches.

    Q: When do the patches expire?

    A: Each patch has shelf life/expiration info on the bottom of the film on which the patches arrive. In general, however, all our patches have very long shelf lives of a couple years and we optimize inventory and sales so that our patches are produced and sold well within this timeframe.

    Q:How should I store the patches?

    A: We recommend that you store the patches in a cool dry place, and away from sunlight. If you store the patches in bathroom, we recommend you keep them in the zip lock bag that comes with the packaging in a drawer, and away from water.

    Q:Wear on my body should I place the patches?

    A: We recommend you put the patches on hairless and lean portions of the body. Please remember to rotate the patches for each use to minimize the potential for skin irritation. Some of our customer's favorite application location include the forearm, inner arm, biceps/triceps, hip area, stomach, just below the stomach, back, and calves.

    Q:Can I wear the patches if I’m pregnant?

    A:We do not recommend you wear our patches if you’re pregnant. We have no information about the safety of using our patches during pregnancy and therefore cannot recommend anything in good faith. If you still wish to wear them during pregnancy, we recommend you speak with your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional.

    Q:How do you define natural

    A:We define natural as found in nature through plant, herbs, minerals, and/or in the body through its regular function. Examples of the latter would be melatonin, or oleamide.

    Q:Are your patches non-gmo or vegan?

    A:Yes, they are both non-gmo and vegan.

  • Calm

  • Performance

  • Sleep

  • Other