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Guy sleeping in bed wearing a Microlayer sleeping patch
SLeep Patch
Rest, restore, rejuvenate with Microlayer Sleep. Microlayer Sleep patches are designed to promote better sleep and readiness without the use of drugs or habit forming substances.
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girl stretching her legs wearing the Microlayer performance patch
Performance Patch
Energy, mood and focus with Microlayer Performance. Microlayer Performance patches are designed to help you reach peak performance in every endeavor.
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Performance Patch

Provided a steady release all day

"Had extra energy all day without having to drink multiple coffees"

Alex H.

Sleep Patch

Much easier way to take a sleep supplement

"Product works great. I fell asleep right away, and slept through the night"

Jessica C.

Performance Patch

Great pick-me-up for studying

"I used this to study for the Series 7 and felt like I had the focus and energy I needed to put in the extra hours after work."

Eric M.